Saturday, May 2, 2009

H1-N1 and Soundslides

Yesterday I covered a story for KOMU-8 about the swine flu. Not wanting to turn another generic package about the disease, I proposed two ideas for the story meeting. The first one was checking in with hospitals to see how many people have come in to see if they have the disease (since the symptoms are so similar to a regular flu) including if they have had to call in extra staff, and the other one had to do with our coverage (and the media in general, both local and national) of the H-1 N-1 virus. Have we (as the media) been covering the epidemic too much? The pork producers argue we shouldn't use the term "swine flu" because it unfairly ties their pork products to a disease that people cannot obtain from eating pork. I ended up with this story. It was convenient that one of the best journalism schools in the world is just a couple miles up the street. I spoke with a very well known health reporter and a Missouri pork producer.

This week I also developed a powerpoint presentation pertaining to how we will keep Columbia Tomorrow's website sustainable in the future. I have spent all semester building the site (producing multimedia content, blogging on the site, speaking with growth and development stakeholders, and attending/participating in town hall launch meetings). This week, I made decisions for how KOMU can keep the site popular among Columbia residents and encourage its growth and expansion. I will be making a soundslide presentation early next week and will be sure to share it on here with all of you. Check back soon!