Thursday, February 12, 2015

Let's get social!

Within the past year, I've really focused on these story tease videos on my/the TV station's social media platforms (see 3 examples in the video attached to this blog). This week, our EP for digital platforms at KSHB-TV told me that these videos often get 3 times as many views as the story I put on TV every day! It really makes these short web videos more important to my daily workload. I think these videos are especially essential in breaking news situations so we can get the info out to viewers immediately, rather than asking them to wait for our 4PM newscast.

A picture really can tell 1,000 words

Imagine this: It's 4:20 in the morning. You're sleeping in a hotel bed just two blocks from the airport. Out of nowhere, a bullet pierces through the window of your room, hitting you in the leg. Police have no idea why someone was shooting off a gun and believe the person was firing randomly in the hotel parking lot.
That was my story earlier this week. It didn't really hit me until I took this photo showing the bullet hole right through the hotel window. I've slept in so many hotel rooms like this. Sometimes news stories hit home. Luckily, the man that was shot is going to be okay.