Monday, January 10, 2011

Training New Reporters

How quickly time passes. I cannot believe I've been with Waterman Broadcasting for almost two years!

The past two weeks I've spent a lot of time training new reporters. (We had five new reporters start since 2011. Good news!) It wasn't long ago I was learning the tricks of the trade from my fellow NBC-2 coworkers. At that time, I was the youngest reporter the station had ever hired. Now, nearly all of those coworkers have moved on to other markets and are very successful. Training my coworkers the last several days has been a great learning experience for me as well. It helps me to reflect on areas I could use improvement, and also skills I've worked hard to hone.

In honor of the new year, here's a list of skills I'd like to improve upon in 2011:
(1) Being a video journalist, I often get lazy with standups. This year I'll work hard to use demonstrative standups and liveshots.
(2) I also need to stay on top of my multimedia accounts. Twitter, Facebook and blogs, when used effectively, can be excellent tools for journalists. I plan to incorporate these mediums more.
(3) I'd like to incorporate more investigative digging into my daily workload. That could mean producing quick turn investigations or researching after my regular shift this year.

Here's to the new year!

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