Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Sweeps

Tomorrow wraps up a month of grueling, tough work.
Tomorrow marks the end of the February ratings period.
For anyone who isn't familiar with the TV industry, there are four months (November, February, May and July) where Nielson records viewing figures for television programs. Ratings can really impact advertising sales, but the period also provides a sense of pride, hard work and creativity. In our newsroom, as in most mid-size markets, ratings are crucial.
and quite frankly, I've never seen a news operation work harder than our station this sweeps period. From sending reporter/photographer teams to the Panhandle for ongoing Gulf oil spill cleanup efforts, to riding along during statewide pill mill stings, to traveling all the way to Washington D.C. to cover a local soldier's ongoing battle with critical injuries sustained from combat.
Personally, I'm proud of our station's effort this month, and I'm proud of my own achievements. Every day, I enterprised new and different story ideas, I worked my beat and used my contacts to produce exclusive content. Several times I led the 6pm newscast, with an ordinarily dry and predictable beat. And while I'm satisfied with my own/the team's accomplishments, we are always finding ways to improve. That's why I love this industry. That's why i appreciate the four months out of the year when hard work really pays off, and the cream rises to the top.
To my dedicated and hardworking co-workers and managers at NBC-2, this "job well done" goes to you.

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